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Dec 6, 2021

Robin Hunicke chats with Art Director Lisette Titre-Montgomery of Double Fine Productions. Together they discuss her career trajectory into video games; advocating for a work-life balance; navigating sensitive complex issues in Psychonauts 2; how art and gameplay influence each other during development; and her work with Gameheads, a Game Development Accelerator program for Oakland youth.

Lisette Titre-Montgomery is an Art Director with over twenty years of industry experience and 13 shipped titles. Specializing in creating studio cultures where artists and creatives thrive. Lisette has contributed to some of the industry’s highest profile games, including Tiger Woods Golf, The Simpsons, Dante’s Inferno, Dance Central 3, SIMS 4, South Park, and Transformers Age Of Extinction for Android and iOS. Her most recent project is Psychonauts 2 with Double Fine Productions.

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